Pembroke's entrepreneur, Hari Boswell, 21 has reached 1000 followers on her 'Moonstruck Melts' Facebook page.

The business which she started late last year, and officially opened at the end of January sells hand poured natural wax melts. 
Ms. Boswell now has 4 representatives for her company, and says she thanks her family and friends for helping her set up a website, choose designs and set a target audience. 

Western Telegraph:
Wales is currently running under an alert level 4 system which means that all businesses must take many precautions to reduce the risk of spreading Covid-19. Due to this many people like Ms. Boswell have decided to set up their own businesses from home, minimising the interaction with other people. 
To stand out against other developing businesses in Pembrokeshire, Hari decided to make her products vegan friendly. She says her hopes for the business are as follows, "my hope for Moonstruck Melts in the future is to expand into local shops and markets. I want everyone to have local products that are safe, reliable and smell absolutely amazing!".