It was something of a surprise to read one report which appeared in the local press recently introducing UKIP Senedd election candidate Councillor Paul Dowson.

In the article Cllr, Dowson claims to have ‘stood alone in the council chamber' when he ‘voiced concerns from local residents’ in regard to asylum seekers accommodated at Penally camp.

It seems to me that he must have indeed have been on his own when he made such a stand, because I am not aware of Cllr. Dowson speaking on this or any other pressing issue in the council chamber since he was elected in 2017.

From what I can see Cllr Dowson presides over his Pembroke Dock central ward via social media and contributes little or nothing where it really matters - at County Hall.

Anyone who has been following the developments at Penally camp will know that Cllr Jon Preston has worked non-stop in holding the Westminster government to account over its re-purposing of Penally camp.

So, Cllr Dowson, if Wales needs straight talking people then I look forward to your contributions to council meetings from here on in, I’m sure UKIP can write something up for you. However, I suspect you will remain silent as you have done so to date.