PEMBROKESHIRE’S wandering walrus has been wowing astonished onlookers since its first appearance on Saturday, March 20.

The rare marine mammal recently astounded onlookers during its visit to the coast of County Kerry, and has been doing the same in south Pembrokeshire.

It is believed the walrus, pictured here thanks to photographer Gareth Davies Hidden Pembrokeshire, is a young adult, but it is not possible to determine the gender, as both males and females have tusks.

It is thought, and certainly likely, the Pembrokeshire walrus is the same as the visitor to Ireland.

The Irish Whale and Dolphin Group, posting on social media after pictures of the walrus in Pembrokeshire were shared, said: “The white blotch on the left fore-flipper on both images, and similar tusk length confirm the walrus in both images are the same individual.

"This is an impressive distance of circa 250-plus miles travelled over a six-day period, which is well within the capabilities of such a large marine mammal who can maintain average swim speeds of four mph.

“Walruses, despite their bulky frame and clumsy appearance on land, are surprisingly strong and agile swimmers capable of long ocean swims.”

The RSPCA has also been out to check on the walrus.

The arctic aquatic animal is believed to have had an accidental journey to the relatively warm waters of Ireland and Wales.

It is believed the walrus, possibly the first recorded in Pembrokeshire, may have come so far south from its usual home after a snooze on a floating iceberg.

For a lovely video of the walrus, click here.