A FRIEND in London has just sent me a cutting.

It has a wonderful photograph of Walter the Walrus taken on the rocky Pembrokeshire coast at Broad Haven.

Now, having just bought the Western Telegraph,  I find  his handsome, be-whiskered features  adorning the front page.....with more wonderful pics inside.

I was wondering where he'd got to.

Walter was meant to join us at Cardigan Island Coastal Farm Park at Gwbert, about 30 miles further north, but he's obviously lost his way in crossing the Pond.

He'd read in ‘The Walrus Times’ that we had a wonderful tourist attraction here, where he could join resident grey seals and bottle-nosed dolphins in the wild.

With plenty of food on offer, especially delicacies like Teifi salmon and sewin [sea-trout], he was keen to get here. We even have a nice, well-appointed cave for him to settle into.

Considering the distance he's travelled, he's only missed us by a whisker !!

I'll have to get in touch with the RSPCA so they can give him final directions.

"I am the walrus! Where's Cardigan Island?"


Cardigan Island Coastal Farm Park,