Line of Duty creator Jed Mercurio is currently offering a free scriptwriting course with e-learning platform BBC Maestro.

The award-winning scriptwriter is running the online class to coincide with season six of BBC hit Line of Duty.

Jed has recorded a free series of short videos; “Between the Lines” to complement his BBC Maestro course.

Each week Jed explores a notable scriptwriting technique from the latest episode, in a 1-two-minute video with accompanying notes, that offers both Line of Duty fans and budding scriptwriters an insight into the craft.

A new lesson will be available every Sunday from 10pm, just as Line of Duty finishes on BBC One and will run until Sunday, May 2 when the season ends.

The first video is available to view now, following the broadcast of the first episode last week.

John Yorke, Founder and Head of BBC Writer’s Academy said: “This is a great opportunity for fans of the series and aspiring writers to see Jed reveal some of his writing secrets behind the new series, as it unfolds.

“We hope it is an enjoyable insight into the creative processes behind this acclaimed BBC programme.”

The content series is free to view on a special BBC Maestro “Between the Lines” webpage and BBC Maestro’s social channels.