THE controversial Penally former asylum seekers camp is to be repurposed as a new home for Tenby’s wandering walrus, the Western Telegraph can exclusively reveal today, April 1.

The walrus first popped up in Pembrokeshire last Saturday, March 20.It has since been seen in Tenby several times where it was also snapped trying to board a dinghy and a fishing boat.

The rare marine mammal recently astounded onlookers during its visit to the coast of County Kerry, and has been doing the same in south Pembrokeshire.

It is believed the walrus is a three-year-old female. It is thought, and certainly likely, the Pembrokeshire walrus is the same as the visitor to Ireland.

Following the wandering walrus’s marine mayhem, top-level talks have been held with both the Welsh Order of Walrus Supporters and Pembrokeshire County Council’s Department of Walruses.

A late-night emergency meeting allocated the unknown sums of money to build a huge aquarium at the site of the Penally camp, which will house the wandering walrus.

It is planned for the former camp to be expanded into a walrus-themed theme park, complete with walrus slide rides and an immersive 3D cinema to truly enjoy the walrus experience.

Penally’s former MoD camp has housed as many as 250 asylum seekers since last September, after being repurposed by the Home Office.

The last of the asylum seekers recently left the camp.