TENBY’S wandering walrus, who recently caused mayhem when attempting to board a fishing boat, has made a wise decision when confronted by the town’s lifeboat.

The walrus first popped up in Pembrokeshire on Saturday, March 20.

It has since been seen in Tenby several times where it was also snapped trying to board a dinghy and a fishing boat.

The rare marine mammal recently astounded onlookers during its visit to the coast of County Kerry, and has been doing the same in south Pembrokeshire.

It is believed the walrus is a three-year-old female. It is thought, and certainly likely, the Pembrokeshire walrus is the same as the visitor to Ireland.

The charismatic megafauna has recently taken up residence on the slipway of the town’s lifeboat station.

The much-loved aquatic animal was captured on video by Katie Monington, making the wise decision to move off Tenby RNLI’s slipway as the lifeboat returned home.