If I lived in Scotland now in 2021 I'd be hoping to get Independence out of the UK and rejoin the European Union, but I don't live there, so it’s pointless arguing with me on that point - especially as I'm in Wales and aged late seventies.

But let's consider a few issues.

The Union Jack flag only incorporates Scotland and England (not Wales or Ireland) as United ‘Kingdoms" - Wales was considered, as an early conquest, to be a mere ‘Principality,’ and not a ‘Kingdom’. Check the history of the term ‘United Kingdom’.

Now this scuffle with the Scottish Nationalist and their desire to disentangle themselves from ‘The Union,’ or ‘United Kingdom,’ is going to result in all the unimaginable dirt and mud-slinging being thrown at the Scottish Nationalists (whether at the SNP or the ALBA Party - some sadly of their own recent making) from all the various Unionists. Especially in the forthcoming devolved Parliaments' elections soon in May 2021

Let's just imagine, the unimaginable, that Scotland does break away from the Union and rejoin the European Union.

If I was 50 years younger I'd move to Scotland from Wales despite the midges in the highland summers.

The point is, but somewhat trivial, what will happen to the Union Jack as a national flag, and what about the residue country's name UK?

Will it become ‘EWNI’ - just - England Wales Northern Ireland?

With a new flag?

What flag?


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