A 35-YEAR-OLD Pembroke Dock man, who turned to drink and cannabis after the loss of a baby, lost his life as a result of drink and drugs, an inquest heard last Thursday.

Alexander Yates, moved in with a close friend in Pembrokeshire after sleeping rough and living in a hostel in England.

Coroner's officer Lisa Jenkins told the inquest that Mr Yates had been a bright and able student until the age of 14 when he started experimenting with cannabis and truanting from school.

However, he continued his education and went on to further education before working in the leisure and hospitality industry.

The inquest heard that in 2009 his girlfriend at the time had an ectopic pregnancy and that this had been the 'catalyst' for the start of his problems as he turned to drink and cannabis.

He was later diagnosed as bipolar and suffered from depression and psychotic episodes.

The inquest heard that although Mr Yates had moved to Pembrokeshire so his friend could 'keep an eye on him', it was believed that he continued to abuse drink and drugs.

However, shortly before his death he contacted his mother to say that he hadn't had a drink for around three months.

On August 13 last year he rang a friend at around 9pm, asking him to come over to his home address.

His friend arrived at the property to find Mr Yates asleep. Next to him were two blister packets of diazepam, one was half full the other full, a blister pack of propenol, a whisky bottle and drug paraphernalia.

Mr Yates' friend roused him. He was slurring his words and said he was going to 'have the gear'. His friend left as he found it difficult to be around him in that state. However at 11pm he returned to the property and found him unresponsive.

An ambulance was called and the friend began CPR, however efforts to revive Mr Yates were not successful.

A post-mortem revealed a potentially fatal use of heroin combined with other prescription drugs. It recorded the causes of death as 1A- combined drug, heroin, flubromazolam and alcohol intoxication and 1B chronic drug abuse.

"The clear indication I have is that this was someone who had a great upbringing and someone who was talented and capable who sadly became used to the use of medication and drug taking," said Mr Bennett.

"I always think it's particularly sad, especially in someone so relatively young."

He recorded a conclusion of drug related death due to the combined toxic effects of ingesting heroin and flubromazolam.