The project 'The Pembrokeshire Story,' has been collecting stories for a number of weeks in preparation for their first showing of the campaign.

The showing will be conducted by a map, which will be followed around the county as stories are told through film, audio or photographs.

James Williams is running the project while receiving help from the Torch Theatre in Milford Haven.

James has a long relationship with the Torch, doing his first show there in 1998.

The idea of the Pembrokeshire Story came from Peter Dornan, whose father contracted Covid-19 early on in the pandemic back in 2020.

His 90-year-old father told him stories as he recovered from the virus, as Mr Dornan got the idea to celebrate stories of the elderly people of Pembrokeshire.

Stories have been collected from the old and the young, rural and urban, to get a real picture of the county.

Some stories have been sent in by grandparents who have sadly already passed away, but filmed their storytelling years prior.

Ten artists are currently making an artistic by mapping out the county through the they have received stories.

The artistic responses will then be gathered and shown as a projection in eight different locations across the county.

The project will then be filmed and put online for all to see.

James Williams said: "We've been trying to reach some of the more difficult to reach people within our communities.

"Whilst celebrating differences, the story is actually about what connects us and what makes Pembrokeshire Pembrokeshire.

"There's an element of the project which is just asking grandchildren to interview their grandparents.

"It's really been amazing, finding out what is happening, what may happen in the future and what has happened in the past, that's the story."

Mr Williams did stress that the project was short of stories from the Haverfordwest area, and request that anybody from any generation there submits stories to help the campaign.

To submit your story by film, audio or simply photographic, then email