People are being asked to name Harbwr's new ale in commemoration of Wally the walrus.

The Tenby brewery launched the campaign on its Facebook page, and has received more than 100 responses with ideas already.

The team is also asking people to decide on the style of beer Wally's commemorative brew should be.

The walrus was in Tenby for some weeks, having previously been seen at Broadhaven South.

Wally is currently missing however, having last been seen on Tenby lifeboat slipway on Monday morning at approximately 7am.

Beer is only the latest in Wally's collection of merchandise, as Tenby has already seen face masks, fluffy toys and cushions commemorating him.

A local bakery has also started selling cakes with Wally's design on them.

When naming Harbwr's beer, 'Elon Tusk,' 'Where's Wally' and 'Castaway' are just some of the suggested names from locals.

Harbwr Brewery said: "It's a unique thing for the town, to have a walrus on our doorstep."

"We saw the perfect opportunity for an engagement campaign, and the response has been fantastic.

"Everybody's been really positive about the walrus, photographers and artists have been, and he's driven a bit more tourism to the town."