A Just Giving page has been put online to raise money for a permanent headstone for a baby buried in Thornton Cemetery.

The grave was of Thomas-Jay, a baby who died at just two days old after a premature birth due to a bleed on the brain.

The grave was recently vandalised and heartbroken mum Coral Barker took to social media to express her anger.

Coral and her partner John were still in the process of saving up for a permanent headstone for Thomas-Jay, and what was vandalised was just a temporary stone.

"All his pieces on his grave mean the absolute world to us," said Coral.

In the last few days, Coral has received hundreds of comments of support for her expressing disgust at the vandals who committed the act.

Many of the comments were from well-wishers who wished to donate towards a permanent headstone, with some even willing to start the crowdfunding page.

Eventually, the page was started by Coral's mother Lorraine, who said: "The response has been amazing, and the people so kind.

"Obviously finding the stone broken has caused a lot of hurt within the family as it was a way for us to remember Thomas-Jay and was the first thing Coral put on the grave.

"She has long wished to get a permanent headstone for the grave but she and John have just never been able to afford it.

"After we saw the overwhelming response to the story and the comments from people, my younger daughter and I thought it would be worth setting up a Just Giving page to see if we could help Coral and John reach that goal of a permanent headstone."

To donate towards Thomas-Jay's permanent headstone, visit the Just Giving page at https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/headstone-for-baby-barker.