Researchers are conducting geophysical survey work that aims to determine the best place for a 96MW offshore floating wind farm off the Pembrokeshire coast.

The offshore floating wind farm, also known as the Erebus project, will act as a green energy supplier for Pembrokeshire. On its completion the site is predicted to supply electricity to around 90,000 homes annually.

Last year the Erebus project was granted seabed rights to build its site 45km off the coast of Pembrokeshire. This new geophysical survey is following up previous surveys which began in August 2020.

The project has been developed by Blue Gem Wind (a join venture Total and Simple Blue Energy), their deputy technical manager, Myriam Samba said: "We are continuing to build a detailed picture of the what the seabed is like for our Erebus project, which will enable us to build the most efficient floating offshore wind farm we can, with the least environmental impact."

Recently the research team added a temporary Met mast to the Angle coastline. The mast was used to measure wind speed, and has helped the team progress its offshore surveys.

Mike Scott, project managing director, said: “While local residents are becoming familiar with our onshore Met mast, it is offshore where most of our activity will continue to happen and we look forward to evaluating the results of this and future survey work out in the Celtic Sea”.

Current offshore surveys are due to last until mid-June.