Retired carpet fitter, Steve Case has been hard at work updating Pembroke Dock on behalf of the Project Pembroke Dock team.

Steve, who lives in Queen Street, said: " I don't do it for recognition I just care about our town and like to tidy it up! I enjoy doing it. "

Recently, Steve could be seen climbing ladders and painting the signs for Pater Hall and the St Govan's centre, along with other areas of the town.

Another member of the team, Jade Kingdom has helped make this painting project a reality.

Jade focused on updating the benches and railings on front street in August last year. Turning them into eye-catching bright colours, which were once rusted and grey items.

Rhian Cowen leader of the team said it made the town look so much smarter and cleaner, and was very grateful to Steve and Jade for putting in the hard work.

There are plans to paint more of the town, on Wednesday, April 28 the team will be collaborating with Future Works to paint the railings at the Sunderland Trust.