Three new town councillors are soon to be selected for Pembroke Dock, two standing for the Pennar Ward, and one other for the Llanion Ward.

The two vacancies for Pennar occurred when Martello Tower West resident, Guy Anderson resigned, and Philip Gwyther of Cross Park, was previously disqualified for lack of attendance at town council meetings .

Guy Anderson said he had to resign due to personal circumstance that prevented him from performing his duties as a town councillor.

The new Pennar Ward town councillors are expected to offer support and advice to all community members based within the Pennar and Bufferland area of the town.

These two positions will be filled through a co-option, where existing councillors decide who takes on the roles at their next meeting.

The Llanion Ward vacancy has been made available through the by election, and a candidates will be announced on Thursday, May 6.

The council said there are various requirements for the role, including being a British citizen, and living in the town or working in the area for at least a year prior to application.

Pembroke Dock Town Council has 16 councillors in four electoral wards - Central, Pennar, Llanion and Market.

Those wishing to apply for one of these vacancies should contact Sarah Scourfield the town clerk, via her email address Applicants have until Friday, April 30 to do so.