Concerns about over development and impact on public rights of way in Freshwater East have led to a call for a site visit before a planning decision is made.

The height of a house with planning permission in place in Freshwater East will be increased after a variation was approved.

Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority’s development management committee discussed an application to vary one of the conditions on a permission granted in 2014 on a plot next to Devon Court.

There were concerns raised by Lamphey Community Council as well as 28 responses to the original plans relating to rights of way, over development of the site, excessive scale and parking provision.

At the committee meeting on Wednesday, April 21 three objectors spoke, along with local county councillor Cllr Tessa Hodgson, and said the size of the house meant it was two-storey not a bungalow with basement as initially planned, the rights of way should not be “dismissed as purely a civil matter, and questions were asked about a “private document” relating to allowing planning in the area.

The plan sees a property 70 per cent bigger than previously approved Cllr Hodgson said, adding “in my opinion it’s not a variation but considerably different in both design, hight and scale. It’s overall a much larger proposition.”

A report to committee states that the height of the building is increased by 0.65m and is not considered to be excessive and architect Steve Hole told members the property took up 22 per cent of the site which was not over development.

The committee agreed to visit the site and further information about orders referred to in relation to the site would be provided.