Haverfordians continue their ambitious aim of turning the town into a 'tree utopia'.

Soroptimist International planted 340 trees over three days on the Lower Racecourse in Haverfordwest on three days between Tuesday, April 20 and Sunday, April 25.

The trees, when added to another 80 trees recently planted, make a total of 420 trees planted by SI Havefordwest this year.

Soroptimist International Haverfordwest was one of the lucky participants in a research project run by Coastal Communities Adapting Together (CCAT) aiming to support coastal communities in understanding climate change and how to adapt.

A variety of indigenous broad leaved trees were donated to participants for planting at suitable sites.

A spokesperson from SI Haverfordwest said: "We were delighted to be able to work with CCAT and the Portfield Recreation Committee to plant these trees.

"In time they will come to maturity and be sat under and enjoyed by the community whilst also being our lasting contribution towards reversing the effects of climate change."

Mayor of Haverfordwest and Deputy Chairman of the Portfield Recreation Committee, Alan Buckfield said: "We would like to thank CCAT for the donation of the trees and the members of Soroptimists for their hard work in planting them."

If you are interested in finding out about Soroptimist International and the work we do then please visit their website at www.SIGBI.org/haverfordwest or on Facebook at Soroptimist International.