The last few grants in the latest round of sustainable development fund projects were presented to National Park members this week.

Pembrokeshire Coast National Park authority has £55,000 left from its £250,000 pot for 2020/21 with £189,000 awarded to 12 sustainable, environmentally friendly projects over the last year.

This included £100,000 from the park itself and £150,000 from Welsh Government via its ‘sustainable landscape, sustainable places’ and ‘green recovery’ funding.

At a meeting on Wednesday, April 28 members of the sustainable development fund committee discussed five more applications.

Projects included solar panels for Solva Community Clubhouse, which is regularly used by Solva Care for wellbeing activities as well as by the youth service, football club and other groups.

The application for £10,000 towards the project was recommended for approval as was an application for £8,000 towards the village’s plan for allotments, coordinated by COAST (Community Organised Allotments for Solva Tenants).

Tenby United RFC has applied for £12,500 towards its recycling facilities and litter pick stations and there was a request for £19,000 from EcoDewi for an 18-month community-led decarbonisation project across the St Davids peninsula.

Paul Sartori applied for £1,152 to help with its warehouse carbon reduction initiative which includes trialling the use of tracking equipment on vehicles to save on carbon emissions, fuel and money.

The overall grant application total is £51,000 with the committee discussing them in private session them due to financial confidentiality matters and the financial decision announced following contract agreements with successful applicants.

A report to the committee states that there is a £100,000 National Park allocation for grant distribution for the financial year 2021/22.