A climate protester who staged a sit-in in Haverfordwest at the weekend has broken her silence on her actions.

Lynda Duffil, 53, from North Pembrokeshire staged a sit-in on the entrance to the bridge at Picton Place at 11am on Saturday, May 1.

A press release sent to the Western Telegraph states: "Lynda was in place for ten minutes blocking traffic before the police arrived. Lynda was dragged off the road by local police and questioned.

"She was not arrested.

"The response from motorists and local people was mixed from a few aggressive comments to supportive ones."

Lynda sat in the middle of the road near to the bus station with two signs strapped to her, one to her front and one to her back.

The signs read: "I am terrified of the climate crisis because we will see food and resource conflict," and, "Climate crisis equals resource conflict equals civil unrest equals societal breakdown".

The press release went on to say: "As she sat in the way of oncoming traffic, Lynda Duffil risked her life in order to speak out about Government inaction on climate.

"The action was part of an approach developed during the Covid-19 pandemic by members of Extinction Rebellion, in which people can engage in civil disobedience alone, yet united.

"As lockdown rules began to lift in the UK, people blocked roads from Aberdeen to Birmingham to Yarmouth and beyond, to protest against the UK Government's tepid plans to tackle climate change."

Lynda recently wrote a letter to Preseli MP Stephen Crabb stating: "I will remind you that the UK Government declared a Climate Emergency in May of 2019, 2 years ago.

"An emergency is defined as a (sudden), urgent, (usually unexpected) occurrence or occasion requiring immediate action.

"At this stage I feel I have no choice but to begin drastic action and take desperate measures to highlight the emergency we are facing."

We are awaiting a police comment on the matter.