A vets' surgery in Kilgetty had a surprise visitor this week, as a tortoise was handed in after it was found stranded in Freshwater East village.

Nurse Katie Davies who handled the tortoise said: "I've never had a tortoise come into the surgery since I have been working here, its likely he is domesticated and could have escaped from his home, because they can run quite fast once they get going."

As it turns out this was someone's lost pet, and not another animal abandoned in the countryside.

Someone handed the tortoise into the surgery after finding it left alone, and asked that it was given a check-up.

Afterwards the tortoise was taken home and looked after by its finders who kept it warm with a heat lamp and well fed.

Meanwhile the surgery made a public appeal on its Facebook page asking for people to come forward with more information regarding the situation.

Several people contacted the surgery saying they knew the owner was someone from the village and it was returned to its home.

Katie added that the tortoise looked in good condition, saying that some of the tell tale signs of a malnourished tortoise is a strangely shaped shell, but there was no sign of that in this case.

Tortoises' natural habitats range from deserts to wet tropical forests but all those living in Britain will have been born here.