An 83-year-old man has lost his life-savings after misplacing them in the toilets at Lidl, in Haverfordwest.

Glyn Rene Davies lost what was described as his ‘life savings’ when he took off his bumbag in the toilets in Lidl in Haverfordwest and left it there.

Glyn, from Fishguard, is said to have lost quite a substantial amount of money in what was his pension he draws from the bank.

He misplaced the bumbag of money at around midday yesterday (May 6).

Glyn’s granddaughter Mia McGill told the Western Telegraph that her grandfather gets quite confused at times.

Mia wrote a heartfelt message on Facebook asking for help in trying to retrieve her granddad’s lost savings.

“An elderly gentleman lost some money in Lidl’s toilets in Haverfordwest today (May 6). He went back and it was missing. It was in his bumbag.

"This is his life-savings, so please have a heart. Hope the Pembrokeshire people can help.”

Another relative, Georgina Goldsmith, appealed for help finding the bag, too, saying: “If anyone has any information regarding a bag left in Lidl toilets, please, please hand it in. It’s a relative’s life-savings.”

If you know anything please contact the Western Telegraph Facebook page and we can pass your messages on to Mia and Georgina.