Several statements have been made following numerous incidents occurring on Hubberston Recreation Area.

Julie Hawkins, one of the volunteers who helps run the park, has spoken out against anti-social behaviour from 'youths,' over the previous few weeks.

Julie said: "During the last six weeks we have endured horrendous abuse and behaviour from youths, both boys and girls. The language and behaviour has been the worst we have ever had to tolerate in the 21 years we have been open.

"What we ask of adults and parents who are using the park is if they see anything out of place eg. swearing, fighting, dogs, alcohol, etc if possible to approach the perpetrators and if abuse is given, please phone the police.

"The park is run by volunteers who give their time freely to maintain and ensure that it is a safe place for children to play.

"We have just about had enough of this behaviour and we feel that if we cannot get the public to intervene we shall seriously be considering handing the park over to Pembrokeshire County Council."

Julie has had to contact the police after having to eject 'a group of youths who were drinking alcohol.' She spoke of how the volunteers are cannot be there all the time to watch over the area.

On May 7, the park was closed early 'due to disrespectful youths who think the park rules do not matter,' being caught smoking on the lawfully non-smoking area.

According to Julie, they continued to drop litter, bottles and food boxes despite the present ample bins, while speaking 'deplorable' language.

Julie continued: "We have a group of over 15 young kiddies that litter pick at the park daily, but as soon as the youths turn up its like a tip, and when you say anything to them all you get is cheek.

"Behave or you will be banned."