The team at Skokholm Island fear for the safety of razorbills and guillemots as they battle heavy winds with sea swells of up to nine metres.

Last year storm Dennis hit the island in the same month of May, and forced auk eggs and tiny chicks to be washed into the sea.

A spokesperson for the team said: "Skokholm is currently taking a major battering from strong southerly winds and an accompanying large swell.

"The razorbills and guillemots, many of which have just laid their single egg, are having to sit tight as a seven metre swell (with occasional nine metre waves) hurtles towards the cliffs.

"At the moment, those on the lower ledges are just clear of the spray. We’re hopeful this won’t be a repeat of last May’s storm, which resulted in auk eggs and tiny chicks being washed into the sea."

High winds of up to 27mph are predicted to continue until 9pm tonight, when the winds will gradually begin to ease.

Although the birds have nested in high places on the cliff edges, some of their eggs have been left exposed due to a rapidly expanding population. Considering this and the fact they have been battling the winds for the last few days many of these species could lose their offspring.