Wally continues to captivate the residents and visitors of Pembrokeshire.

In this latest footage, Wally is seen to be rather curious of the red rope tethered between the two boats of Tenby Coastal and Island Cruise, and Caldey Island Boats while they were moored on the lifeboat buoy.

The extraordinary footage was shot yesterday, May 11, by Cllr Jonathan Preston.

Tenby Coastal and Island Cruise posted it with the caption: "Wally is so inquisitive. He just comes over to say hi! Such a show off is our local walrus!"

Wally has captivated the people of Pembrokeshire ever since floating down from his usual home near the North Pole.

The walrus seems to have made a temporary home on the RNLI slipway in Tenby, causing a bit of a nuisance when the lifeboat tries to launch.

He's also recently been joined by some otter-ly lovely Eurasian otters who were seen feeding off the coast of Castle Hill.

Please remember that Wally is a wild animal and to keep your distance from him for your and his safety.