PEMBROKESHIRE'S oldest artist has an exhibition at Newport's The Gallery Yr Oriel until the end of this month.

Exceptional draughtsman, sculptor and painter, 102-year-old Denis Curry, was himself taught by renowned artists such as Henry Moore at the Slade.

Denis became head of sculpture at Exeter, then head of Foundation Art at the West of England College of Art, before moving to Pembrokeshire in 1976.

Denis was born in 1918, he will be 103 years of age this year.

Alistair Crawford from the University of Wales, wrote about Denis:

"In Denis Curry's paintings and sculpture there is a quality of brilliance, the use of light and shade, of sunlight, the sensitivity to the structural use of light playing on bronze, the expertise of a skilled craftsman.

"It is as if the life of the animal emanates from within the work itself, permeating our experience of looking."

The exhibition at The Gallery Yr Oriel celebrates 50 years of Denis' sculptures and painting and runs until May 30.

Catalogues are available for the show, please contact us to request one 01239 821514 www.thegallery/