David Williams from Milford Haven has been awarded a Milford Haven mayor's civic award from Councillor Terry Davies.

David has recently been clearing the path by the local estuary, by pulling out shopping trolleys, shovelling, litter-picking, sweeping, and many other tasks.

He also regularly visits Withybush Hospital creche with toy robots, knitted by his wife Elaine.

For the work he has conducted on the busy path, David has been rewarded by Milford Haven Town Council with an award, plaque, badge and pen.

After completing more work on the path, and visiting Withybush Hospital creche with more knitted toys, mayor Terry Davies invited David to meet him.

The two met on Goose Pill Farm, where Terry awarded David with his framed mayor's civic award, Milford Haven Town Council plaque, badge and pen.

David said: "It was a total surprise, it came out of the blue. I feel very humbled and honoured to receive this award."