The new vice-chairman of Pembrokeshire County Council hopes her appointment will encourage more women to take on leadership roles in their communities.

Cllr Pat Davies, who was the first county councillor to take on the role of presiding member last year, was elected to be vice-chairman for 2021-22 at annual council on Thursday (May 14).

Cllr Davies said she was “very grateful” for the opportunity to take on the position of presiding member, despite being a “little sceptical” of the new position initially, adding it had been a “worthwhile experience” and she thanked councillors for their support.

She was nominated as vice-chairman by Cllr Di Clements, seconded by Cllr Paul Harries, and was elected following a vote between her and Cllr Tom Tudor, who was nominated by Cllr Josh Beynon, seconded by Cllr Paul Miller.

Cllr Davies said she tries to “encourage young women and older women to take on leadership roles in their community”  and hoped her election as vice-chairman would be “an example to those thinking about doing this.”

Outgoing chairman Cllr Simon Hancock was elected presiding member for the municipal year, and Cllr Mike James was elected as the term's chairman.

Cllr James said he felt “proud and honoured” to be elected and to his “utmost” to carry out the role to the best of his abilities, adding that everyone must “work together to being Pembrokeshire back to as close as we can to what it was” following the pandemic.

County Council leader Cllr David Simpson was re-elected and will remain leader until the local authority elections next year.