Linda Asman has graduated from deputy mayor to mayor of Pembroke, and has made history by being the first Mayor sworn in via the chatting site Zoom.

She is taking over the duties of Gareth Jones who spent an extended time as Mayor of Pembroke due to the pandemic, many of the town councillors thanked him for his dedication to the role.
At her right hand Mayor Asman will have the newly appointed Deputy Mayor Jonathan Nutting, owner of the Royal Oak on Main Street. 
In her speech as new Mayor Cllr Asman said that she was grateful to be elected, but thinks more needs to be done for children and young people in the town, which is why she is looking into developing things like play parks in the area. 
Cllr Rose Blackburn honoured the Mayors new position along with a few other town councillors, and said: “Cllr Asman has always worked hard for Pembroke, raising funding and spending very little.”
After 13 years of service as a town councillor in the St Mary (north) ward Linda Asman has co founded and chaired the Pembroke & Monkton Local History Society while working closely with PTC to develop heritage projects including Pembroke Museum, town trails and the Henry Tudor statue. A statue of William Marshal is currently taking shape and there are hopes to have a Pembroke arts trail.
Some positive sentiments were made for Cllr Nutting as well, Cllr Mel Phillips said: “ when the seats around the millpond needed painting he was there, and on his morning walks around town he can be seen picking litter - he gets things done.”