Pennar's anonymous fly tipper is standing on thin ice with Pembroke Dock Town Council who recently announced a warning aimed at people dumping rubbish in town.

The statement read: "For the past few weeks someone has been fly tipping black bags of take away boxes etc, outside Pennar Hall. I went through them today and I now have your bank details plus a name so no more or I will pass details on."

If the town council was to pass on details of the offender to Pembrokeshire County Council it could lead to the person either being prosecuted or receiving a fixed penalty notice.

In some scenarios fly tippers who are convicted in a magistrates court could receive a fine of up to £50,000, or 12 months imprisonment.

Pembrokeshire County Council is also running a scheme to encourage people to report fly tippers. In special circumstances the people who reported the culprits can be rewarded with £100.

As of yet Pembrokeshire County Council has not been made aware of fly tipping in this area.