WILL you be purchasing one of Pembrokeshire's 'snazzy' new recycling trolleys?

Pembrokeshire County Council has recently released a trolley that will help conveniently and neatly store your recycling boxes. The caveat? It comes in at 50 quid!

The trolley is designed with the boxes neatly stacked on top of each other. The top box (40 litres) is for paper, replacing your blue box. The middle box (70 litres) is for plastic bottles, tubs, pots, trays and metal packaging, replacing your red bag. The bottom box (50 litres) is for glass bottles and jars, replacing your green box.

Despite the additional cost Pembrokeshire County Council say this is an additional luxury you can choose to add to your bin collection service.

"This is a trolley box system for households, which they can purchase now the new service is introduced.

"The bins are available for a purchase price of £50 via the contact centre.

"The £50 is to cover the cost of the bin and delivery of the stackable trolley box.

"This is just an alternative option for households if they wish, however our standard system of reusable bags and boxes will continue."

The total cost of the system will be £50. PCC have a small number of trolley boxes in stock. Once this stock has been utilised a deposit system will be reintroduced, where a £15 non-refundable deposit and your details will be taken, then PCC contact you to pay the outstanding figure once the trolley boxes have been received from the manufacturers and are in a position to deliver the system to households.

More details and to book a stackable trolley box system, visit the Pembrokeshire County Council website.