A rescue dog from Yorkshire will be making her way to Pembrokeshire on Saturday, June 12, where she will finally meet her new owner.

Violet is a shar pei, who was taken into a Wrinkles Rescue Centre in Yorkshire at around six weeks old, in such a poor condition that many believed she wouldn't survived.

But Violet is a fighter - and against the odds and after seven months of treatment - Sarah from the rescue centre will be driving her all the way to a location in Pembrokeshire, to her new owner, who recently lost her own puppy due to kidney failure.

New owner Simone said: "I'm very excited. It's great to have some good news after so many months.

"Shar peis are one of the oldest breeds of dog, and it's very rare to see them around Pembrokeshire.

"I just hope people see how great rescuing can be from this, dogs are so wonderful and bring everybody such joy."