THE Bishop of St Davids has made a public apology over a controversial social media opinion.

Bishop Joanna Penberthy posted the 'never never never trust a Tory' message on her personal Twitter account in response to a tweet relating to the Conservative party.

She said that she has now closed the account down.

The Right Reverend Penberthy, who became the first woman bishop in the Church in Wales in 2016, issued the apology on the Diocese of St Davids website yesterday, Wednesday June 2.

She said that she regretted the 'irresponsible and disrespectful' way in which she had expressed her 'strong political views' on Twitter.

The Bishop's statement read:

"On March 25th 2021 I put out a private tweet about Conservative Party supporters which has caused offence and for which I sincerely apologise. The tweet was in response to another tweet which claimed that the Conservative Party was planning to abolish the Senedd."

Western Telegraph:

She continued:

"I acknowledge that while there may be those within the Conservative Party who oppose Welsh devolution, it is not the policy of the Conservative Party to abolish the Senedd and I should have checked all the facts before tweeting.

"I, of course, trust and have trusted many Conservatives and know there are many honourable people in that party.

"I further apologise for other tweets I have posted which have caused upset and offence. While I hold strong political views, I have expressed them on Twitter in a way which was both irresponsible and disrespectful and I deeply regret this.

" I have now closed my account down."