MANY of our friends and we were shocked at the Twitter by the Bishop of St Davids.

How dare she say " never,never,never trust a Tory"

Firstly she should refrain from entering party politics on whatever subject it be and secondly the sheer number of tweets from her suggests she has an addiction.

My family and I have spent over 20 years in St Davids and felt a strong loyalty to the cathedral and found it a wonderful place of worship.

But maybe the Bishop should also bear in mind that a high percentage of worshippers are Conservative voters and St Davids is in a strong Conservative constituency.

Without going into detail, it seems that many of the clergy have attitudes that drive away the regular and loyal attendees.

For my part, as long as this lady remains Bishop, I will never again attend the Cathedral or any other churches in her diocese.

How sad that the Church, and it stems from the Archbishop of Canterbury, should enter into the arena of politics


previously of Treleddyn St Davids