A decision is still to be made about the cost of cleaning the Henry Tudor statue, in Pembroke.

Back in April the statue was cleaned and waxed for the first time since it was erected four years ago, coming in with a price tag around £700, a report to Pembroke Town Council revealed.

During the May meeting Cllr Nutting said they shouldn't have to spend so much on cleaning the statue, and suggested that they use the window cleaner, who cleans the town hall to keep it updated, instead of wax work professionals.

Town mayor Cllr Linda Asman disagreed and said: "It's a work of art and it's an asset to Pembroke. We need to make sure it's looked after properly; a consultation with Harriet, who created the statue, will help us to see the best way of looking after it."

Cllr Linda Brown suggested a company that would help provide cleaning and bronzing of the statue that would come in at £1,275 + VAT per year.

Other suggestions were made, but the council has not come to a conclusion yet.

Some councillors also reminded their colleagues that a second statue being installed beneath Pembroke Castle and opposite Westgate Chapel will double the costs of cleaning.

The new William Marshall statue will be erected some time in September.