WALES was England's first colony in 1282 and still is.

Wales in 2021 is now in its final throes of being speedily overwhelmed with holiday home-owners and retirees and good lifer dropouts.

Our Senedd Government is doing nothing to prevent this new Covid-caused crisis acceleration invasion.

In fact the Senedd members are making it worse by encouraging social housing for outsiders, yes outsiders, whilst not concentrating on prioritising affordable housing for locals.

Also second homes need to be taxed exorbitantly.

All people should be welcome in Wales, but if they want a second home here they should buy a mobile home to make their visits temporary and enjoyable.

The recent disclosure of how many communities are becoming ghost villages (e.g. Cwm yr Eglwys in the West) is really scary, where nearly every house is a second home, resulting in closure of all facilities for the minority of remaining locals e.g schools and bus services etc.

It is a historic pattern.


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