PEMBROKESHIRE'S Extinction Rebellion group have been taking part in a UK-wide protest, involving more than 100 coastal communities.

A series of events were held, which aimed to draw attention to the serious flooding problems along coasts and rivers as a result of climate change.

At Whitesands there was beach art on display over the weekend of 5-6 June, and there was a 'banner drop' at Solva harbour on Monday, June 7.

Organisers hoped to send a message to the world leaders at the G72 summit in Cornwall that they need to act now to address the issue.

"Behind all the fun activities is a more serious message," said one of Pembrokeshire's Extinction Rebellion organisers.

"The events are part of ‘Make The Wave’ - being organized across Britain and abroad - to draw attention to how climate change is threatening our coastal and river-side communities.

"The G7 conference is the meeting of leaders from the world’s seven biggest economies, which will be held in Cornwall on June 11 and 13.

"They’ll be discussing taking action on the world’s greatest challenges, focussing on climate change and Covid recovery.

"They need to know that coastal and inland communities are watching and are relying on them to make the right decisions.

"Hopefully, it sends a clear signal, to Boris Johnson and G7 summit delegates representing several billion citizens.

"Ordinary people demand greater, immediate action to tackle the climate and ecological emergency.

"The action’s focus is on the resulting rise in sea level - we are already drowning in promises, now we demand action.

"Building higher sea defences is not the answer. Tackling emissions, especially our continued dependence on fossil fuels, is what is needed."