A STRETCH of the award winning Claddau Reaches green infrastructure project has been restored after it was blighted by overgrown weeds and litter.

The 'green wall' was heralded as part of popular eco-friendly features introduced to create "much-improved connectivity between Haverfordwest and its beautiful rural surroundings".

However the wall, situated along the Cleddau in Haverfordwest, was left over-grown with weeds taking over the stretch near the Riverside Market area, where sacks of soil filled with seeds have been placed to create wildflower bushes along the river.

Councillor Thoms Tudor decided to act and requested that the weeds been removed so that this part of the project could return to what it was designed to be used for.

"I am pleased that following on my concerns about the unkept appearance of the Riverside Market area, Pembrokeshire County Council acquired Mark Russell, maintenance area manager. Him and his team have cleaned the area up and now the 'green wall' seating area is a lovely facility for locals and visitors to use and survey the River Cleddau."

The Cleddau Reaches is a green infrastructure partnership project in Haverfordwest which was named as one of six UK finalists in the Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI) Awards for Planning Excellence 2021.

The project was a finalist in the category for Excellence in Planning for Health and Wellbeing announced in March.

Its aim is to create eco-friendly features on the town's rural outskirts, including a new 3km circular path on the banks of the river Cleddau with a new footbridge, habitat restoration at the nature reserves at Priory Saltings and the Old Mill grounds (including the creation of artificial otter holts), and a new kayak access to the river.