Volunteer, Tom Lindley from the team at Dezza's Cabin is offering up his services fixing bicycles in Johnston.

The mental health charity, Dezza's Cabin will be holding the bike shop at unit 13 Brickhurst Park industrial estate, every Saturday between 10am and 3pm for the foreseeable future.

A spokesperson for the charity said: "Tom will help people fix up their old bikes and get back out into the world. He will also be available to teach anybody that would like to learn these skills for themselves. Or for those who don't have a bike, but would like to get out cycling, they can pop in and have a look at our selection of bikes that have already been fixed."

This is just one of the services that Dezza's Cabin offers, along with free car boot sales, emotional and financial support for those experiencing things like mental health issues, domestic violence, familial issues, housing problems, social services interventions, loneliness, and much more.

To donate towards the charity and support the work they are doing across the county visit https://www.gofundme.com/dezzas cabin.