I AM astonished and hurt at the attacks on our Bishop of St David’s.

She had every right to say what she felt, or are we only allowed to say how wonderful the Tories are?

I voted Tory all my life until the Referendum.

In the run-up it looked as though the country had gone mad.

The things the Conservative Party said horrified me.

Suddenly the French and Germans were our enemies and the likes of Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees Mogg were plucky British heroes defending our sovereignty.

We’ve always had our own sovereignty, the EU never took it away.

This Brexit was contrived so that wealthy Tory supporters, many of them foreigners and some Russian oligarchs could protect their money against taxation.

What is the latest?

Oh yes Peter Cruddas donates £500,000 to the Tory party and Boris Johnson gives him a peerage?

It’s little wonder that the smaller parties never get anywhere in a Welsh election.

The Bishop of St David’s had every right to say what she did. She is only guiding her flock which is her job.

Why do the Tories take so much offence? Because they know she is right?

I fear the future for my children and grandchildren, I am sure I won’t be here to see it, but I am also very aware that my pension is not paying for the limited lifestyle I was able to enjoy a few years ago.

And why did the Prime Minister keep changing the rules on who was allowed to come into this country during the rise of the Delta variant of Covid-19?

It was known as the Indian variant and with it came the most deadly version of Covid seen so far.

But the Prime Minister did not want to offend the Indian Prime Minister by stopping people from India coming into the UK.

These are definitely not the sort of Tories I used to support.