AS a resident within the area, I am very concerned about the amount of traffic travelling up and down the Fishguard Road in Haverfordwest.

I am also concerned by the 40mph speed limit that runs from the Morrison’s roundabout through to the Lost Coins roundabout.

Can someone tell me: 1. Why is this area not at a 30mph limit?

2. Why do traffic signs direct traffic to Fishguard from Milford Haven/ south Pembrokeshire through town? Likewise, from Fishguard to south of county?

3. Anyone using Google Maps is also directed through the town, perhaps because of 1&2?

Haverfordwest is justifiably ridiculed as the town whose bypasses go into the town and whose park and ride takes you out of town.

It is ridiculous to route traffic at 40 mph through a built-up area with a major hospital when there is a bypass to the east of the town. (A40 trunk road).


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