Swansea has been revealed as the best city in Wales for budding urban beekeepers and 10th across the UK.

Direct2Florist scored UK cities on a variety of bee-friendly factors – including number of parks per person, air quality number of flower gardens, hive schemes, local council conservation efforts, university bee support schemes, local beekeeping associations, number of allotment sites and plots, and access to rivers.

Simon Stirling, MD of Direct2Florist, said about the study: “Brits on the whole are becoming more environmentally conscious and one of their biggest concerns regarding the natural world is the decline of honey and bumblebees. Bee populations have been declining for years now, and many of us are looking for ways to offer support.

“Beekeeping has always been considered a rural activity, and it’s great to see urban beekeeping on the rise across the UK.

"We hope the index helps budding beekeepers on the road to urban conservation – we are committed to supporting bee conservation globally.”

Simon also offered his tips for those looking to keep bees on an allotment: “Beekeeping on an allotment requires knowledge. The British Beekeepers Association runs a 10-week Beekeeping for Beginners Course which includes plenty of information on allotment urban beekeeping and fantastic training – they also offer insurance options! This is the most important step you can take.

“It’s well worth speaking to whoever owns the allotment to double check if they’re happy with beekeeping. There may be issues which you’re unaware of.

“Hives should be away from other plot holders and paths. Try and encourage bees to fly over hedges if their flight path crosses a footpath – you can do that by planting high hedges around the apiary. Raise the take-off flight line to at least six feet.

“Alongside speaking to landlords, find out if anyone who shares the allotment with you has any concerns. If someone’s allergic, you should reconsider.”

Did you know? Google searches for urban beekeeping have increased 85 per cent between June 2020 and now.