TO all the men and women in local pubs and venues who were cheering the Italian goal and every English missed penalty – shame on you.

What is it that the English are supposed to have done to you, personally?

If this hatred and gleeful mockery is 'historical' in its basis, just remind yourselves that the Industrial revolution in Wales, which profited the English mine and foundry owners over the Welsh (and Irish) workers was over and done with hundreds of years ago. The 'Rape of the Fair Country' was many generations back in time – and affected my Welsh and Irish ancestors too.....

If the hatred and gleeful mockery is more 'modern' in its basis, please try to get beyond it and move on, this racism is abhorrent and represents you very badly.

It makes it plain that there is no genuine 'Welcome in the Hillside' and that you are simply being nationalistic and excluding.

This hatred and gleeful mockery is almost farcical too, as it is a good bet you have no problems letting your holiday homes to English paying customers or making a living from English customers trying to employ local builders, craftspeople, artisans etc.

Our melded family has Welsh, English and Irish roots, with poor farm workers who fled to England during the Irish famine, farmers from Carmarthenshire who emigrated to the mines and foundries of the valleys for work and shipwrights who moved from Devon to the Thames for work too. We cannot be alone in having such a 'mixed' ancestry and for loving each of the countries we have lived and grown up in.

Wales is truly in our blood and we experience the same 'hiraeth' as you when we are not here. We are proud of our connections to Wales, but you shame and embarrass us when we see and hear the hatred and gleeful mockery we witnessed on Sunday night.