Dear editor,

I am hoping that one of your readers may be able to help me. Does anyone recognise the place name of Ciel Fawr in Pembrokeshire?

An ancestor of mine, John Watkins, 1723 –1812, (married to Mary Griffiths, 1730 – 1802, in Radnorshire) is said to have come from Ciel Fawr, but I am unable to find out where it is, or perhaps, where it once was.

Also, a John Watkins was buried in 1796 at the Moravian Chapel, St Thomas Green, Haverfordwest, but I do not know if he has any connection with my John Watkins.

I would be thrilled if the place name Ciel Fawr could be identified, or if any reader recognises the name John Watkins or Mary Griffiths from their own ancestry. In 1857, a descendant of John Watkins emigrated to Sydney, and it is from his family in Australia that I have received a family tree which mentions Ciel Fawr.

Eva Morgan (nee Watkins)

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