A THOUGHT-provoking photography exhibition that asks what can be done to restore healthy ecosystems and wilder landscapes to the UK's national parks, is on display at Oriel y Parc Gallery and Visitor Centre in St Davids.

In this adaptation of his touring exhibition Land/Sea, facilitated by Amgueddfa Cymru – National Museum Wales, Pembrokeshire artist Mike Perry turns his lens to society's broken relationship with the natural world and challenges conventional ways of seeing our coastline and countryside.

His work sheds a different light on the images of national Parks we are used to seeing in brochures or paintings and sparks a conversation about how to restore healthy ecosystems and bring back wilder landscapes.

National Park Authority Chairman, Cllr Paul Harries said: "This exhibition poses important questions and sheds light on some of the biggest challenges organisations, such as the park Authority, are trying to address as part of the response to the climate emergency.

"Though great strides have been taken through various conservation projects, the variety of issues highlighted in these images shows that each and every one of us can take steps to ensure treasured landscapes such as our national parks are safeguarded for future generations."

Mike Perry added: "My work attempts to challenge how we look at and interpret the land around us, exposing the myths and conflicts of what is happening in the environment on our doorsteps – you don't have to go to the Arctic to see the changes affecting all of us."

Land/Sea includes highly forensic photographs of found plastic detritus from Cuba to West Wales. Reshaped by nature into both beautiful yet toxic forms, these works show how plastic is changing our geology and entering our ecosystems both in the sea and on land.

Alongside these 'micro landscapes' are large scale landscape photographs that echo romantic paintings of the sublime, although Perry's works suggest we now fear what we have done to nature rather than nature itself.

Land/Sea, which will be on display until January 16 2022, is a Ffotogallery Touring Exhibition originally conceived by David Drake, director of Ffotogallery, and Ben Borthwick.

For more information about the exhibition please visit www.orielyparc.co.uk/land-sea.