PEMBROKESHIRE gets lots of visitors and many people want to live here, however the county's two newest residents are a little different.

Folly Farm has just announced the arrival of two male giraffes named Rudi and Dr Shrimp.

Rudi and Dr Shrimp are Rothschild giraffes who have come from Longleat Safari Park, Wiltshire.

The three-year-old half-brothers will join Folly Farm's two other giraffes, Rian and Taharqa, in the 'Giraffe Heights' enclosure to make a quartet of bachelors.

They were transported by a company that specialises in the transportation of giraffes based in the Netherlands, using a trailer much like a horse box, but a little taller...

A member of the farm said when the giraffes arrived one of the first things they did was decide to find a shady spot to keep cool.

"They walked into the house and have spent the last few days getting used to their new surrounding and their new housemates.

"We haven’t mixed them with Rian and Taharqa in the same bedroom yet and they’re taking it in turns to spend time outdoors in the paddocks, although at the moment they’re happy to be indoors in the shade with this heatwave."

Folly Farm first welcomed giraffes back in 2009.

It's clear the farm isn't looking to breed the vulnerable species, however homing four males has played a part in assisting the breeding programme, taking on surplus male giraffes to let other zoos concentrate on their specific breeding plans.

Members of Folly Farm are only beginning to get to know their new residents, but it's become clear Rudi is a little more confident than Dr Shrimp.

"They’re much smaller and lighter in colour than Rian and Taharqa so it will be easy for you to identify them. Dr Shrimp is slightly bigger than Rudi and a shade lighter and he has a slightly wonky left ear.

"It’s a little early to tell much about their personalities yet, but Rudi seems to be the more confident of the two, happy to come over for a browse and a feed."

Over the coming weeks the giraffe keepers at the farm will step up the introduction process once they’ve got used to each other.