A WOMAN who has moved to Pembrokeshire is desperately trying to raise funds for life saving multiple sclerosis treatment which she's been denied by the NHS.

Hannah Webster was diagnosed with MS in February last year in an event she said came as a 'devastating shock'.

Despite the news Hannah is fighting back and has found out about a revolutionary treatment that could cure her disease.

A new stem cell therapy called autologous haematopoietic stem cell transplantation (AHSCT) has the potential to give some MS patients a better quality of life, however the stumbling block for Hannah is the cost. Purchased privately the treatment comes in at a whopping £80,000.

Hannah does not qualify for the treatment on the NHS having developed the disease, which she is still struggling to get to terms with.

"For those of you that don’t know, in February last year I was diagnosed with relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis (RRMS). The day I was told, my life as I knew it had come to an end.

"Being a fitness fanatic and holding a highly stressful job it came as a complete shock and something I continue to try and get my head around."

Hannah says she is confused by the NHS's stance on offering treatment, saying their position puts her life in more danger.

"I do not qualify for HSCT on the NHS as I was informed by my neurologist that I must be seen failing the other delaying treatments before I could get this.

"My view is, why would I possibly wait to worsen the disease and potentially end up with a permanent disability?"

Recently Hannah raised over £1000 for research into MS by holding a special workout at Cross Fit Pembrokeshire, in both Haverfordwest and Tenby.

Hannah is now looking to raise funds for the revolutionary treatment which she will have to pay for herself.

"I am looking to pay privately for this treatment at Clinica Ruiz which is in Mexico, or at the clinic in Russia."

The treatment alone will come in at a hefty $54,500.

Hannah still has a long and uncertain road to travel but is determined not to be defeated by the disease.

"Please don’t think we have came to this decision lightly and although it will be a horrific four weeks of treatment, I am willing to go through it knowing that it gives me the best chance to stop this disease from taking my freedom away."

If you want to support Hannah and her bid for the new treatment you can make a donation at her GoFundMe page, here.