A HOMELESS charity has been gifted a permanent base in Haverfordwest and, because of this, has made improvements to the nearby war memorial.

Registered charity ‘Homeless Pembrokeshire’ has moved into 2 High Street after being offered the space by Jerry Evans.

Mr Evan's bought the building to renovate before letting the Haverhub team use it and now he has gifted the premise to the homeless charity.

In taking up the building, volunteers at the charity have spruced up the war memorial nearby, sitting adjacent to St Mary’s Church.

A spokesperson said that the move has helped revive Haverfordwest’s ‘Top Town’, providing an outlet for local residents.

“Top Town was once a busy commercial area,” said the spokesperson. “Many properties there have now become residential flats.

“Those living there have limited access to green space, but now Homeless Pembrokeshire’s volunteers have transformed the war memorial with a riot of colour, attracting wildlife, visitors and benefitting those living within the area, improving mental health and well-being for all.”