A new 'Happy to Talk' bench has been installed in Neyland, after it had been donated by Milford Haven School.

A previous bench has been donated to the town, which can be found on the promenade.

The 'Happy to Talk' benches are installed to encourage people to interact if they are lonely or in need of a chat.

But it was always known that another bench would be shortly arriving to the town in another location.

The new bench has been installed on the Brunel Trail, Westfield Pill, with councillor Simon Hancock sharing the improvement made to the area by the bench's arrival.

Prior to the initial lockdown in 2020, Milford Haven School donated many benches around towns including Milford Haven, Neyland and Johnston.

However, due to Covid-19, it is just now that the two 'Happy to Talk' benches in Neyland are finally in place.

When the first bench was installed on the promenade, mayor of Neyland, councillor Simon Hancock said: "Neyland Town Council warmly welcomes the gift of these 'Happy To Talk' benches to our community.

"We know how pernicious loneliness and social isolation are for people and how more widespread they have become on account of the pandemic.

"These benches will be placed in locations like the promenade where people will stop to admire the view and they will encourage conversations and interactions between people.

"Milford Haven School is to be congratulated for its generosity to our and neighbouring communities within its catchment area."