RESIDENTS in Scleddau fear that it is only a matter of time before someone is gets hurt on the A40, due to the 50mph speed limit through the village.

Locals have launched a petition to reduce the speed limit on the main road through the village to 40mph after years of witnessing accidents and collisions.

"Scleddau is a busy road, its crossroads can be horrible when attempting to pull in or out of," said Donna Holmes who started the petition on

"I have lived in Scleddau for almost eight years now and witnessed, or heard of, far too many road traffic accidents and cycling accidents.

"There are many children in the village crossing the busy main road, to get the bus to school, not to mention those with disabilities and the elderly.

"There are real fears that with the present speed limit it's only a matter of time before somebody gets injured"

Donna pointed out that Letterston, which also has a crossroads intersecting the A40, has a speed limit of 40mph.

"The turn ins and outs of the crossroads in Scleddau seem much worse and this is a 50mph zone," said Donna.

She also questioned why the Fishguard to Goodwick bypass was a 40mph road when the road through Scleddau wasn't

"I, and I'm sure many others, would love to see accidents reduce by reducing the current speed limit to 40mph at the most," said Donna.

"Let's make Scleddau a safer area for all."

To sign the petition, which is addressed to county councillor Sam Kurtz, MS Paul Davies, Pembrokeshire County Council and Highways and transport, go to and search for Scleddau.