'NATIONAL Dog Photography Day' was on July 26 and because of this the Western Telegraph had the idea of attempting to get a few residents of Pembrokeshire to send in photos of their pet dogs - we did not expect the number of replies.

Over 400 dog lovers sent in photos of their pet pooches, delighting the team at the Western Telegraph as we waded through them and admired all your handsome hounds and pretty pets.

Here's a gallery of just some of the photos we received.

Western Telegraph: Angela Murphy's dog, flat outAngela Murphy's dog, flat out

National Dog Photography Day has been running since 2018 with the ‘viral hashtag’ #nationaldogphotographyday.

Western Telegraph: Debbie Price's pooch, chillin'Debbie Price's pooch, chillin'

The day was started by former wedding photographer, now turned pet photographer, Kerry Jordan, of Fur and Fables.

Western Telegraph: Max wanting to play, sent in by Mary ChamberlainMax wanting to play, sent in by Mary Chamberlain

Now pet owners from all over the world join in - even the Queen and Snoop Dogg have got in on the action.

The team at the Western Telegraph would like to say a big thank you to everyone who sent in a photograph and made one of the working weeks truly 'woof'-derful.